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“Celebrating over 129 years of Prayer, Service, and Evangelism"

The Royal Cross

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The deadline for the 2014 Summer edition of The Royal Cross is June 15th.

The 2014 Fall edition of The Royal Cross will be the special Triennial issue , so submissions after June 15th will be in the Winter edition of The Royal Cross

Ann Holmes

Royal Cross Editor

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The Junior Messenger

document Winter 2013 Jr. Messenger

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Future News

All Province news for future issues of The Royal Cross may be submitted to Pam Sebura at "Around the Provinces"

The Royal Cross Editor is Ann Holmes.

The Royal Cross News Editor is Pam Sebura.

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To order an annually renewable gift subscription, print out the Gift Subscription form and fax (with credit card) or mail back with a check to the National Office.

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Address changes and subscriptions should be sent to the National Office.


Archives of the Royal Cross

Most Recent

document Special Triennial 2012 Royal Cross

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document Fall 2011 Jr. Messenger

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document  Royal Cross 2009 — Volume 76, Issue 3

document  Royal Cross 2008 — Volume 76, Issue 1

document  Junior Messenger — Volume 76, Issue 2

Other Past Issues


document  Winter-Spring 03, Vol. 71 (1&2)

document  Fall 03, Vol. 71 (3)

document  Winter 04, Vol. 71 (4)

document  Spring 04, Vol. 72 (1)

document  Summer 04, Vol. 72 (2)

document  Fall 04, Vol. 72 93)

document  Winter 05, Vol. 72 (4)

document  Spring 05, Vol. 73 (1)

document  Summer 05, Vol 73 (2)

document  Fall 05, Vol. 73 (3)

document  Summer-Fall 06, Vol 74. (2&3)

document  Fall 07, Vol 75

document  Winter 07, Vol. 74 (4)

document  Spring 08, Vol. 75 (4)


Spanish Excerpts from the Royal Cross

document Download the Fall 2005 Cruz Real

document Download the Spring 2004 Cruz Real




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